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7 Strings Special Guitar I

Type: 7 Cordas
Category: Violão

 The 7 Strings Special Guitar I is a guitar that has Rosewood in the sides and in the bottom with the top of European spruce or Canadian cedar. Ebony frets and golden tuners. This instrument was designed due to the large requests of very demanding customers, having the pitch, the finish and the sound with redoubled quality. This is only possible due to careful selection of the woods used, in which the radial cuts are made with the darkest shade and the aging time of 50 years. The top has an AAA rating, with aging time of approximately 30 years, more rigid in texture and uniformity of wood shafts. Another distinguishing feature of this instrument would be the option of choosing the varnish to be used. It has polyurethane (conventional clear lacquer) or Indian gomalaca, a fragile varnish extracted from the wood, but with a more natural sound. Therefore, the 7 Strings Special Guitar I has been the reason of the fully delighted musicians who have already acquired.

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