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Mandolim Special Of Beech

Type: Bandolim
Category: Bandolim

 The mandolin special of beech is made of Beech in the sides and bottom and the top is made of European Spruce. The frets are made of Indian ebony and it has Schaller tuners. It is an instrument of professional quality sound and precise tuning. This is only possible due to an exceptional selection of wood, with an advanced level and AA rating, and quality of components used on it (they are the best).  Its tone is not as velvety as Rosewood’s one, but there are much sound projection, characteristic of the beech wood. It is suitable for places with low humidity, as the beech stands up to major climate changes without causing any damage to the instrument such as warping, cracking and so on. It is widely used by Brazilian musicians that play choro, and musicians from other countries like USA, Holland and France, having a great acceptance.

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