I congratulate Luthier JB for his competence, seriousness and professionalism. I ordered a classic Cavaquinho and everything came out as we agreed. Congratulations JB, pure Brazilian talent.

Baltazar Filho - Colonel Fabriciano / MG

I would like to congratulate you for the instruments made, of a very high quality standard, giving opportunity to musicians of different classes, to be able to use it in a special and satisfactory way.

Thió Neto - Castanhal / PA

I bought a classic JB and was impressed with the quality of this instrument that combines sound with the most beautiful finish and beauty. Congratulations and continue as we, cavaquinistas from this Brazil and the world thank you. Hugs!!!

Juliano Lopes - Alvorada / RS

I received the chip and I still couldn't sleep because of this wonderful instrument. I am sending you this email to thank you and congratulate you on your work.

Duda Almeida - Salvador / BA

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