Cavaquinho Super Classic Rosewood

The chip Super Classic is a chip with side and bottom of Rosewood and european fir topScale in Indian ebony and individual gilded armored dies classic model.

It is a professional-level instrument with accurate sound quality and tuning.

This is only possible due to the techniques employed in the construction of the instrument and the strict selection of the woods, of advanced level and AAA rating. In the case in question, the wood used would be Rosewood, which has a shade clear, ordinary slightly more metallic tone, taking a small advantage in the sound projection for musicians who accompany.

IT'S indicated for places of low relative humidity from the air, because Rosewood resists to major climate changes without cause any damage to the instrument such as warps, cracks and etc.

For this reason, Cavaco Super Rosewood has been a source of complete satisfaction on the part of the musicians who have already acquired it.


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