7 String Guitar I Special

Seven Strings Guitar I Special is a guitar that has the Rosewood side and bottom like top of European spruce or Canadian cedar. Ebony scale and golden tuners.

This instrument was designed to meet the requests from very demanding customers, with a doubled tuning, finishing and sound quality.

this is only possible due to the rigorous selection of the woods used, whose cuts are made in the radial, with the darkest shade. The top has an AAA rating, with greater rigidity in the texture of the wood and uniformity of the veins.

Another differential of this instrument would be the varnish choice option to be used. You have the polyurethane (conventional varnish) or the indian gum, more fragile varnish extracted from the wood, but with a more natural sound.

For this reason, the Sete Cordas I Especial guitar has been a reason for complete satisfaction on the part of the musicians who have already acquired it.


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